International Directory
Violence Against Women-Related Academic Research Centers

“Research on violence against women is a highly complex field of study undertaken by multiple disciplines. While the field has benefited from the attention of disciplines across the university spectrum, it has not yet secured a widely used mechanism to facilitate collaborations by these varied scholars. The development of interdisciplinary research centers has the potential to be a transformative solution to fill this current gap. This model brings into one academic structure the perspectives of multiple disciplines and a synthesis of the knowledge they offer.” 

Jordan (2011)


The Center for Research on Violence Against Women at the University of Kentucky maintains this on-line international directory of university-based academic research centers that address violence against women to aid centers in collaborating and consulting with one another and with advocates and practitioners in the field. Centers may be part of the directory by applying and being approved for inclusion. Information in the directory will be publicly available and searchable. Centers in the directory are those that express willingness to consult with other universities on the development of academic research centers on violence against women; those who are interested in multi-university grants and projects; and those who believe in strong collaborative partnerships with advocates and practitioners in the field. The directory is intended to link academic research centers and to advance interdisciplinary research on violence against women.

To become part of the International Directory, go to the "Register a Center" item on the menu bar. To search the Directory, go to "International Directory" on the menu bar.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Carol E. Jordan, Assistant Provost & Director, Center for Research on Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky.